About IOB

Stay Dynamic

As investors, we understand that the best is yet to come

IOB is an active fintech holding company and a system developer. We are the publisher of PoET, a financial market transparency protocol. IOB Analytics and Smart Trading™ offer trading tools professional traders need.


Just like blockchain and fintech technology itself, IOB is dynamic and constantly transforming the industry. Our investment focus, criteria and even the main revenues of the business will evolve with time.


Starting with the Smart VC™, IOB is evolving from a startup investment vehicle to a full-featured P2P exchange (SmX™), to an open-source, permissioned, and peer-to-peer financial network integrator of the ONE Finance Network (the IOB Mesh).


VC meets the age of blockchain. The funding model is changed. The investment process is enhanced. Investors are not locked up and provided a secondary-market liquidity, and there is no more ‘Management Fee.’

Proven algorithmic trading strategies for crypto trading. Until now, it has not been feasible to apply the HFT technology on crypto trading due to several evolutionary factors.

Truly decentralized, feature-rich, and trust-less trading platform for pros. This is the ‘fin-‘ part of our SmX.


As an institutional asset manager, we understand the needs of the professional traders, and we’ve realized that they have not been met. We are building SmX™ because we, as a user, needed it. This is the ‘tech’ part of the SmX.

Drawing on our experience in financial services and fintech development, bringing industry players and various regulators together.

Our decentralized p2p exchange will evolve into a full financial transaction network that process payments, crypto trading and large investment banking deals.