FAQ – IOB Token Ecosystem

The IOB Token Ecosystem

What is the IOB Token Ecosystem?

Aiming to eliminate all commission-based transactions, IOB LLC is creating an IOB Token ecosystem where services and products are powered by the IOB Token.

The IOB Token is used in venture investing as tokenized capital. Professional traders are qualified in part by staking their IOB Tokens to have access to our market intelligence analyses, professional trading algorithms, portfolio management tools, and risk control system. The IOB Token Ecosystem will also include a peer-to-peer distributed exchange service platform, and a complete investment banking system built on the IOB Mesh Network in the future.

What is the purpose and goal of the IOB Token Ecosystem?

The IOB token plays several roles:

1) Represents the tokenized investment capital for portfolio company equity investments.

2) PoET IOB Analytics subscription Qualified Reserve.

3) Smart Trading™ and SmX™ reserve and subscription fees and network transaction fee plan.

4) Provides a reward mechanism on the IOB Social Investment Platform.

5) Functions as a qualified reserve requirement for the members of the International Regulated Exchange Network (IREN).

6) Functions as the fundamental unit of account on the ONE Finance World Mesh (IOB Mesh Network). The use of bi is the gas that powers all financial transactions worldwide on the network. Furthermore, IOB tokens are a liquid currency, and therefore can be bought or sold on exchanges, as well as transferred to other users as a form of payment.

The qualified reserve and network transaction fees alone will create a 400-million IOB Token ecosystem.

What is the IOB Token Ecosystem consist of?

IOB Smart VC™

IOB Smart Exchange™



The IOB Mesh

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