IOB has thousands of analysts?

IOB recognizes the power of the crowd wisdom. Right from its start, IOB management has been in constant interaction with our community, both online and offline. Thousands of early supporters have helped us in shaping our management decisions, token economies and investments. This has inspired us to build the world’s first Social Investment Platform (SIP).

What is the SIP?

SIP is our Social Investment Platform. IOB is building an online and offline blockchain community to be with over 100,000 members to organize events and share industry insights and investment opportunities. It is built with our proprietary algorithm on Universa blockchain technology.

At any given time, each member is assigned a Reputation Score that determines their base value of the IOB token rewards for each original content, comment, and upvote or downvote made on the platform.

On the SIP, the members’ contribution helps us make better investment, governance and business decisions.

Can I earn freebies/candies on the SIP?

Yes, by making contributions to the community on the SIP, you can earn IOB tokens that can be worth thousands of dollars in value, based on the quality of your original content, comments, and votes of other people’s content. Each member will have a dynamic Reputation Score (RS) based on our proprietary algorithm. The more you’re involved, the higher RS you have, and the more tokens you can earn.

Who has already earned IOB tokens on the SIP?

The SIP beta will go live at the end of Q3 2018. However, many of our Telegram community members have already been assigned their respective RS with initial credits with values ranging from a few cents to hundreds of dollars in value before being transferred to the SIP.

Are those SIP credits real IOB Tokens?

Yes, and there is no lockup on them.

Is there a cap on how much I can earn?

Currently no. We have not set a cap for the max IOB Tokens one can earn on the SIP at this point in time. We have set aside a total of 5% (50,000,000) of IOB tokens as the SIP rewards.

Sounds good! What’s the catch?

Your time, effort, and a genuine heart to help us succeed. Other than that, none. You need to devote your time to create quality content and be willing to do useful research that will help everyone in the community, especially the management of our day-to-day investment and corporate governance decisions.

Can anyone sign up for the SIP?


Is there an annual membership fee?


How many IOB Tokens do I need to hold in order to vote?

No purchase necessary. Anyone on the SIP can vote. However, your RS may or may not be affected by your IOB holdings (IOB tokens purchased) or IOB Power (IOB Tokens earned).

How much does it cost to vote?


Where do I sign up for SIP?

SIP Beta will go live at the end of 2018. Keep an eye on our social media channels and website for updates about SIP and its exact launch date.

Your current active participation on our official Telegram channel will be taken into account and will be transferred to SIP once it goes live.

Join our Telegram channel to participate now.

What is the purpose for IOB to set up a City Partners program in China?

IOB has signed the City Partner Agreement with several local business partners in China. We are expecting to expand this program in Japan, South Korea, and India in the near future.

The main purpose of the City Partners program is to further communicate with IOB community members, investors and our future partners face to face. At the same time, we regularly interact with our international technology and business partners. We hope to cultivate our authorized partners to become our future IOB Mesh nodes (and Super Nodes).

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