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IOB Analytics

What is the IOB Analytics?

The IOB Analytics is a real-time market intelligence data package subscription plan and a trading advisory service that professional traders can use to program directly in their trading strategies, or on their IOB Smart Trading™ System (STS) terminals.

What does IOB Analytics cover?

Deriving vast data from PoET, IOB performs data analyses through deep-learning artificial intelligence, IOB Analytics is a suite of financial market intelligence products and a real-time trading advisory service for stock, commodity futures, and cryptocurrency traders.

IOB develops proprietary market data analytics tools for Market Correlation Identification, Cancelled Order Index, Manipulative Order Indicator, and Arbitraging Signals.

What makes IOB Analytics different from other market intelligent products on the market now?

IOB market research unveils the hidden data that has been invisible in any public reporting since the creation of financial markets. Market manipulation is often done by the hidden canceled orders. They are the real market movers but are generally omitted from market reporting, and from the mainstream market research firms’ products. We suspect it is due to conflict of interest between the vendors and their clients who are often the very ‘market insiders’ that manipulate the market.

What is the real differentiator of IOB Analytics?

IOB Analytics researches are done by and for the active in-house traders who are not the so-called ‘analysts.’ We are traders and investors ourselves. We originally developed the data sets to help our own trading.

We found it is often useless to take trading advice from people who do not trade or do not know how to trade themselves.

Why should I use IOB Analytics products or services?

If you are a market player thinking only about the best offense, you probably do not need the IOB Analytics. Nor do we sell our products and services to anyone who is merely willing to pay for them.

IOB as a company is dedicated to promoting a fairer financial market practice.

We are more interested in helping institutional investors and traders to play defense instead of only offense.

A defensive market intelligence service?

Sort of. A good defensive system doesn’t mean hiding behind walls. To have the best defense, one needs the best offensive tools available at all time.

We make our world-leading high-frequency trading expertise available to the majority of professional investors and traders because we do not believe the often highly-touted “zero-sum’ game philosophy in the financial market, where over 95% traders simply lose money.

We are one of the few who has consistently made money trading, and we want to help more market participants to benefit from their participation in the market.

What can be unveiled by IOB Analytics?

IOB market intelligence put an emphasis on the real price movers:

Single wallet market behaviors;

Concerted market behaviors;

Spoofing orders;

Phishing orders;

Possible front-running orders;

Market movement patterns.  

Are IOB Analytics datasets programmable?

Yes. Traders can connect the IOB Analytics data feed directly to their trading system in real time.

How can IOB Analytics help traders in real-time trading?

IOB Analytics Services provide traders near real-time Active Order Book Advisory (AOBA) Services on IOB Smart Trading System. It adds a dynamic markup layer showing on the existing exchange-provided level-2 order book with proprietary indicators for Market Correlation Identification, Cancelled Order Index, Manipulative Order Indicator, and Arbitraging Signals.

Who will be using the IOB Analytics?

IOB Analytics Products provide deep market intelligence to both traditional financial market traders of stocks, commodity futures and index futures, and crypto token traders.

Although market intelligence services via the electronic delivery are in existence by service providers such as Dow Jones, Bloomberg, and Reuters for decades in the traditional markets, there are only a few quality market trading data and intelligence products and service providers in the crypto trading space. Furthermore, no one is providing products and services that give traders a clear view of the ongoing market manipulative orders.

The addressable market is billions of dollars in annual sales volume, and we are already talking to several high net worth traders, family offices and institutional traders in Asia, North America, and Australia.

Initially, in order to create an IOB Token ecosystem, we will only make our products available to institutional subscribers who can meet the minimal Qualified Reserve requirement (500,000 IOB Tokens).

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