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Is IOB a tech company?


IOB is a high-tech, blockchain-based financial company setting out to change both the technology and the financial world.

We develop technology in both software with various applications and trading hardware optimization with our own intellectual properties (IPs).

What blockchain technology does IOB own?

We are partnering with Universa blockchain to develop our multi-chain framework.

blockchain Platform (Open Source):

  • Social Investment Platform (SIP): blockchain based social investment network featuring content authoring, commenting, voting and its own wallet;
  • Reputation Score (RS) ranking system;
  • Member incentivization system;
  • AI-based Crowd Wisdom Bots (CWBs);
  • Investment Company Governance (ICG);
  • Dividend Distribution Ledger (DDL).

What proprietary trading technology does IOB own?

IOB founders have over 10 years experience in developing the high-performance algorithmic trading technology. Most technology in this area is proprietary.

Smart Investing (Proprietary):

  • Startup Scoring System (SSS);
  • IOB Open Accelerator Program Manager.

Smart Trading™ (Proprietary):

  • Proprietary Charting Systems;
  • Trading Strategies;
  • Decision Engines;
  • Order Flow Manager;
  • Risk Manager;
  • Position Manager;
  • Compliance Manager;
  • Sentiment Indicators;
  • Nano-second Real-time Data Feed Processor;
  • Trading Hardware Development;
  • IOB Social Trading Platform (STP).

Smart Exchange (SmX™) for HFT Traders (Proprietary):

  • P2P Trade Discovery & Match Protocol;
  • P2P Asset Loans;
  • P2P Strategy Marketplace.

How about other open-source technology?

IREN (Open Source):

  • Trade Inflow Execution Manager;
  • Compliance Auditor;
  • Network API.

IOB Mesh (Open Source):

  • Mesh framework (A Next-generation blockchain Finance Network);
  • Node Permissionor;
  • Transaction Settlement;
  • Transaction Custodian;
  • Power-up Smart Contract Generator;
  • Multi-jurisdiction Compliance Auditor;
  • Mesh Wallet.

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