The IOB Ecosystem

Aiming to promote the multi-chain, multi-token trading compliance protocol, IOB LLC is creating an IOB and partner ecosystem where services and products are derived by PoET protocol and are powered by the partner tokens.

PoET is transforming the future of financial markets. Products & solutions derived from PoET will be utilized by both market regulators and traders.

Partner Token Eco

Partner Tokens will be bought and spent on IOB networks by clients, subscribers and SIP registered users to help increase Partner Token demand and trading price.

IOB Mesh

Powered by the IOB Token, the IOB Mesh network is a distributed, rule-based peer-to-peer network that eliminates all transaction-based financial transactions with compliance.

The IOB Token is a tokenized asset issued by IOB LLC. Clients are qualified in part by staking their IOB Tokens to have various access our financial market compliance products and solutions based on PoET, market intelligence analytics, professional trading algorithms, portfolio management tools, and risk control system. The IOB Token Ecosystem will also include a peer-to-peer distributed exchange service platform, and a complete investment banking system built on the IOB Mesh Network in the future.

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