Oversight Solutions

Financial Market Compliance and Oversight Solutions

We Are Transforming The Future of Financial Markets.
Every Order

PoET records all Filled (shown as the “trade”) and Canceled (previously hidden) orders to reveal all financial market secrets.

All Financial Markets Worldwide

"Traditional" financial markets such as stock, bond, commodity, financial futures as well as crypto markets will be recorded and hashed on blockchains.

Market Transparency Benefits

All market activities to market regulators, broker-dealers, market makers, funds, professional traders, and all other market participants around the world.

Data Processing Power

High-speed processing of big data in distributed storage systems that is based on Ceph distributed storage framework where information is stored across multiple drives.

Cross-Chain & Scalability

Cross-chain integrations with up to 20,000 tps and multi-token interchange. Our commercial business operations create a demand for underlying partner blockchains and their native tokens.

Market Compliance Products

IOB Compliance Solutions empower regulators with an overall, in-depth view of all of the financial market activities. They are customized to specific country’s requirements.

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