Social Investment Platform (Sip)

The Power of the Crowd Wisdom

From the very beginning, IOB management has been in constant interaction with our community, both online and offline. Thousands of early supporters have helped us in shaping our management decisions, token economics and investments. This has inspired us to build the world’s first Social Investment Platform (SIP)
A Blockchain Community

IOB is building an online and offline blockchain community to be with over 100,000 members to organize events and share industry insights and investment opportunities. It is built with our proprietary algorithm on Universa Blockchain technology.

Investment Decisions

The most creative and best ideas often come from the most unexpected places. That means you. All of you will help us evaluate every investment opportunity that enables us to make better investment decisions alongside portfolio managers through our blockchain-based AI bots.

Corporate Governance

We will accept governance proposals from registered users. We do not see a predetermined governance model for our IOB LLC as suitable for a long-term presence. We want the program to hear, and change with the voice of the community.

Crowd Wisdom Bots (CWBs)

The CWBs are based on our proprietary AI and neural network, integrated with blockchain technology, contributed by tens of thousands of witnesses, group moderators, contributors, and curators worldwide.

Reputation Score

At any given time, each member is assigned a Reputation Score that determines his or hers base value of the IOB token rewards for each original content, comment and upvote or downvote made on the platform.

IOB Token Reward

SIP is a blockchain-enabled cryptocurrency reward ecosystem: Your participation in sharing your ideas and thoughts on our social networks is finally being rewarded, with a real monetary value from the IOB Token reward.

IOB City Partners

IOB authorizes and supports third-party companies as City Partners in major cities across the world to build offline blockchain communities. City Partners organize meetups, seminars and other social events to discuss industry trends, new investment opportunities, IOB portfolio companies’ business support and technical development. IOB global portfolio companies, business partners, technology alliance partners will have opportunities to interact face to face.

City Partners are required to hold certain no fewer than 500,000 IOB Tokens.

IOB Ambassadors

The IOB Ambassadors are organized and maintained by volunteers. Most of them are IOB tokenholders who have been actively helping other investors in our Telegram community. These are small groups of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts who would like meet locally by organizing informal social events.

IOB support the Ambassadors worldwide, and will help provide necessary guidelines and other support for meetups, seminars in each city, and will occasionally facilitate intercity and international events. The expenses may be reimbursed by IOB to a certain extent.

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