International Regulated Exchange Network (IREN)

International Regulated Exchange Network (IREN)

International Regulated Exchange Network (IREN)

In the past decade, blockchain technology and society have outpaced regulation and law in every country. As technology continues to evolve, the impact it has on businesses from a competitive standpoint is clear. However, many of us often overlook the impact it has on regulation.

The Need for Regulation

With new crypto exchanges flourishing based on completely new and innovative business models, the obligation of responsibility is often unclear and prompts the need for related regulations.

Building the Alliance

We are investing in regulated, licensed and legal broker-dealers, trading systems and clearing agents in North America, Europe and Asia to forge a regulated crypto trading alliance.

Licensing Through the Network

As regulators enact legislation to properly manage disruptive trends, we are seeking to become regulated trading systems in the US, Japan, Canada, Germany, the UK, and France, to build the International Regulated Exchange Network (IREN). IREN licenses and provide regulatory oversight to its member exchanges through a contractual relationship to ensure proper compliance on members’ business conducts and activities.

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