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The unseen

Trading charts only display the orders that were filled. What’s happening to the majority of the orders that were placed and canceled, the orders that ARE moving the market? Now you see them.


Market Intelligence

The prices flickering on your computer screen do not tell you the whole story of what is happening in the market. Far from it. It is just a very small tip of the iceberg. It often is what you do not see that will hurt you.

If your analysis is only based on the small available final prints of the filled trades, you have been missing 90% of the whole story of the market. Let’s look below the tip of the iceberg!

Why bother

with the canceled orders?

The majority of the orders were never filled or never intended to be filled. But they are the ones that truly move the market and the prices that are disclosed to the public.


An Industry-wide Fair Trading Practice

Through the IOB PoET smart contracts, every order that occurred on the network is recorded automatically on the distributed public ledger, regardless whether it is filled or not.


Price Spoofing

Spoofing is a disruptive algorithmic trading entity employed by traders to outpace other market participants and to manipulate financial markets.

Proof of All Enquiries

PoET Addresses The Spoofing Problem

Recording all orders sent, not only the small fraction of executed orders. Every time an order is sent, it records its wallet address, time (accurate to a nanosecond), quantity, price, instrument, account/wallet ID, exchange(s) it was sent to.


Front Running

Front-running is the prohibited practice of entering into an order to capitalize on an advance, nonpublic knowledge of a large pending transaction that will influence the price of the underlying security. This is considered a form of market manipulation in many markets.

Proof of All Trades

Every Trade on An Immutable Distributed Public Ledger

PoET records all transactions occurred on the network on an immutable public ledger. Every time an order is executed, it records its wallet address, time (accurate to a nanosecond), quantity, price, instrument, account/wallet ID, and exchange(s).


A market transparency protocol

The market is often manipulated by the unfilled orders.

As regulation in the traditional financial markets is tightening the control of various market manipulations, IOB proposes a DLT solution to record every price and order enquiry ever sent – whether filled or not – and every trade ever executed on an immutable distributed public ledger, the IOB Proof of Enquiries & Trades (PoET) protocol.

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